Caring for lifer and health Making contributions to the health of human beings

JinRui Foundation logo interpretation


Core Values

corporate effort、innovation and sharing

We are a team of fighters:Emphasize team work, cooperative effort

Our team members not only include all company employees (laborers), but also all shareholders - the company's investors. Because investors take out the money and participate in the enterprise establishment, they take risks and responsibilities, thus they are indeed our indispensable and important team members.
Our team has the same goal, serving the society through innovation and pursuing profits that are beneficial to human beings.


It is the principle of our team, emphasizing striving for a common goal.


It is not only traditionally physical struggle, but more importantly:spiritual, ideological and conscious pursuit of excellence and persistence; We emphasize that we need to constantly break through the boundaries of thinking and get out of the comfort zone.

Innovation and sharing-We are an innovation-based drug R&D company


JinRui Foundation insists on constantly innovation, including technological innovation, operation model innovation, R&D model innovation, organizational model innovation,and management style innovation. Making full use of and learn new tools (AI and other new technologies), new methods and new technologies; continuously introduce innovative leading talents to replenish fresh blood.


Sharing of knowledge,information and ideas among colleagues; Sharing between the company and partners. Profit sharing among the company; shareholders and employees.


Our code of conduct

Openness and Conscientiousness & Honesty and Responsibility


keeping an open mind to new things, new mindset, new opportunities, new challenges and new changes and no rejection. Persisting in criticism and self-criticism, everyone can constant striving to surpass yourself and keep an open mind. JinRui keeps an open attitude in external communication, and takes the initiative to establish cooperative relations with domestic and international leading enterprises, making full advantage of social resources.


The company should be rigorous in scientific research, management and details of dealing external cooperation. Personal work attitude and behavior keep style of rigorous.



It is the basic code of conduct for every JinRui staff. Colleagues should be sincere, transparent and trustworthy. Emphasize employees' loyalty to the company.


Emphasize to employees the sense of responsibility and commitment to company and their work. Ensure the company abides by state laws and related authority regulations, etc.



Our goal

To become a China’s leading and International first-class anti-tumor drug R&D enterprise,most admired global drug research and development enterprise.

Vision description

Relying on the leading R&D platform,innovative JinRui model,advanced scientific research results (including but not limited to AI and other tools),constantly improve human life.
As JinRui staff,we should commit our loyalty by using up our resources.Light you up,shining those who seek the truth,strive to make the world a better place and hold up torches of science and knowledge leading us to the future,grant them new courage and warm support,to make outstanding contributions to human health.