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State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy of Sichuan University



State Key Biotherapy/JinRui Foundation Joint Laboratory for Drug Development, is located in the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, Sichuan University, which is an important engine of JinRui Innovative Drug R&D Center as a key part of enterprise collaborative innovation complex.

Liposome pharmaceutic preparation R&D and production platform
Liposome pharmaceutic preparation R&D and production platform(Chengdu High-tech West District)


✦The main equipment is designed by  self-independent innovation and built by a professional company;
✦Meets GMP requirements, completed batches of clinical samples production;
✦Capbility of large-scale production with 520,000 pieces annual output., which value of output over hundreds of millions RMB (the annual output will be doubled after automation reform);
✦Optional for commissioned R&D and external processing of various small molecule liposome pharmaceutic preparation.


Natural medicine research and development platform

✦Natural medicine extraction platform: By using counter-current chromatography and supercritical extraction, the natural medicine GMP workshop is able to obtain medicinal-grade extracts and active monomers on a large scale, such as honokiol, magnolia bark extract, ligustilide, chuanxiong extract, gastrodin, etc.;
✦Active Substance Screening Platform: Processing in vitro models(enzyme level, cell level)and animal model screening(Worms, fruit flies, zebrafish, mice),via this platform, a variety of active natural small molecules have been successfully screened for further activity evaluation.

Corporate headquarters

The headquarters office is located in gaoxin South District, Chengdu. 10 years since JinRui established, we has formed a R&D team led by academicians (more than 40 people), Among them, 10 people are doctoral degree holders, and the others hold bachelor degree or above. In addition to the self-dependent research and development team, the company also cooperated with the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy of Sichuan University and Wuxi Apptec to build a collaborative innovation complex, aiming to jointly develop innovative drugs. Self-dependent R&D and Strategic Cooperation shaped our dual-wheel model driving our development.